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TSN is a project to alter the letter k / K into / .

Why you might question?

We all agree English Language is International. 

The paradox is in the global connected material world there is an important very meaningful element missing, GOD CONSCIOUSNESS (in upper case to mean everyone including animals).

The emptiness is causing disasters around the world and many people have personally experienced disasters.

TSN project  is requesting GOD CONSCIOUSNESS in the written sphere whereby one letter from the English Language is offered to God.

Without the TSN project, the K letter in a word is shown for example as:  Krishna, for the Name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  He manifested some 5000 years in India and is the source. 

TSN project in order to increase GOD CONSCIOUSNESS, requests alteration of the latin K letter to devanāgarī letter based on 'geographical-graphical'  reasons. 

There are other advantages also, God feels at home or welcomed if the first letter in His Name has devanāgarī letter from the times when rishna (devanāgarī-latin letters) was present those many years ago and displayed His pastimes.  Also, it raises feeling of auspiciousness.   

Even with spread of  "INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR RISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS" (in upper case to mean everyone including animals and what not) or 'कRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS, starting  in the West from 1965 by the guru, A. C. Bhativedanta Swami, there are negatives preventing the development in others of 'कRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS.  This is why the TSN project is there for and to give reasons for the voidism and impersonalism and help in this way. 

TSN project is to prevent this spiritual genocide.  The K shape letter is therefore not efficient and has not performed well for the guru, A. C. Bhativedanta Swami or the true guru-seeकers and there are 'geographical-graphical' reasons for this, thus alteration of the letter shape to is encouraged.  

The above photo and this photo is of the guru, A. C. Bhativedanta Swami

Good habits are formed by practice

There are 2 fonts available for computer users:  BBT font and Rail Model font.  If 'googling' or searching on the internet, there are sites to download these fonts from. 

The fonts after installation automatically change the k / K letter into
/ letter shape when using the font and typing the letter. 

(This site at this time is using the html for both lower and upper case letters, however the BBT and Rail Model fonts have both lower and upper case letters)

Rail Model font could be used for the computer system or user interface and for the internet browser BBT font and / or Rail Model font.

Try using the new shape letter with pen and paper in both lower and upper shapes. 

Ways to tell other users is by writing or typing the change on top of the pages or using a stamp, shown in this picture.


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